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What we do

We make the complex Easier, Simpler and Cheaper

multi media systems and digital signage

Whether you want to have a revenue generating digital signage system for your small business or a state of the art home entertainment system that does away with expensive monthly contracts, we are here to help you install and configure the best possible solution for the lowest possible price. It’s amazing what you can do.

With Open Source Hardware and Software, everything is possible

CYBER SECURITY defence and protection

Cyber crime is very real and you are being targeted every second you are online.

We can test and evaluate your risk of a cyber attack being successful and then apply measures to your network and systems that will significantly improve your security and protection levels

With Open Source Hardware and Software, everything is possible


Customer engagement technology has always been way too expensive and complex for the small business owner but that is no longer the case.

You can deliver the same results as the big brands but at a fraction of the price. Discover how we can make it happen for your business

With Open Source Hardware and Software, everything is possible

free OPEN SOURCE software

Switching to Open Source software has never been easier or more compeling. Security comes as standard so its unaffected by Windows malware.

It’s more user friendly than Windows and when you consider that all of this is FREE, it’s hard to justify not switching.

With Open Source Hardware and Software, everything is possible

About Us

It’s Not More Than You Need, Just More Than You’re Used To
Being a not-for-profit business means we keep costs at rock bottom

We have been involved in technology for the past 25 years and we are 3 time winners of the Governments SMART award for innovation and technology

We have developed hardware and software for companies around the world and have a specific expertise in physical and logical security and customer engagement technology using RFID/NFC

We now operate as a not for profit business in order that we can bring No-Cost-Low-Cost advanced technology solutions to individuals and small companies within the Derwentside area

We are committed to using only Open Source hardware and software which means that you can have the latest technology at the lowest possible price. Now you can eliminate licence fees and the need to purchase software.

  • SMART awards
  • Years of experience
  • Countries worked in
  • Open Source

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